Let’s see, my last entry was on June 15th, 2015. That makes it a year and, what, five months?


Let’s try this again, shall we?

So, my last attempt to learn game development crashed  & burned. Here’s the short version of what happened…

  • I took on too many projects (game development was just one of them).
  • I reached critical mass and had to drop everything.
  • Over the course of around six prayerful, deeply reflective months, I started to figure out how to actually stay focused and get things done.

You can read the long version here. And here. And also here.

I’m giving this another go. I know it’s still going to be a long, steep climb, but I’m  much better prepared this time around:

  • Beyond family, work, and all the other usual “life” things, this is the only thing I’m working on.
  • I’ve joined a local Unreal Engine group that has some great, passionate, accomplished people in it. No more  going it alone.
  • I have a good, well-structured plan for learning all the basics.
  • I have a clear idea for a game to work on, something relatively modest and straightforward.

I’m starting off with an online class on game development using Unreal Engine. I was going to dive back into 3D modeling, but I think that would be a mistake. Learning the game engine first will help me see everything else I’m learning in a better, more helpful context.

Then, I’ll be off to learn 3D modeling using Blender. It’s important to me that I learn to build my own models and textures. I’m not averse to finding/buying prefab assets for some things, but I can’t imagine building an entire game that way. Blender seems like a great tool, perfectly viable for what I’m doing. As much as I would’ve loved to learn 3D Studio Max or Maya, those tools are still insanely expensive. Here’s hoping AutoDesk wakes up to Epic’s pricing model someday.

Alright then, starting tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m off to my first Unreal Engine lesson!

(Oh, and  happy halloween!)

The featured image above is an altered version of a photo by Dafne Cholet and is licensed under CC BY 2.0.