…than never to have tried at all.

My name is Ken McGowan. I’ve been programming most of my life, but for most of that time I neglected the main reason I set out to learn programming in the first place: making video games.

I’m working to remedy that, and I’ll use this blog to post my progress as I go. In doing so, I’m hoping to find some other nascent gamedevs and game lovers in the process: to compare notes, share ideas, commiserate, and so on.

Games hold a special significance for me. They represent an amazing synthesis of nearly everything else I love: story, graphic arts, design, music, animation, architecture… you name it. They hold the potential to go beyond entertainment, to create shared experiences that convey deep truths about the human experience.

Maybe that’s a lofty ambition, but hey, it’s honest. I still enjoy the occasional light, fun game, but I’m looking for games that do more. I want to find games that become a part of me, the same way great books and films have done. If at all possible, I want to make those games.

So, given where I sit on the learning curve, I guess I’d better get busy.